About Bail Bonds in Idaho


Learn About the Bail Bonds Process in Idaho

A bail bond is an amount set by the court for the temporal release of a person. After a person has been arrested, the judge will set bail terms. A defendant is required by law to be released from jail and attend court on specified dates.

The bail is a surety for the person to participate in court sessions. If a person fails to attend a court session without giving a good explanation, the court may forfeit the bond.

The bail bond is insurance that a person will appear in court on the specified dates. The department of insurance should license a bail agent. Those purchasing bail bonds in Idaho should work with licensed bail agents. The department of insurance in Idaho is tasked with approving the bail bond agents.

Ways to post bail in Idaho

There are several ways people can pay bail in Idaho. The first method involves paying a personal check. If you are charged with a minor case that requires a small amount in the form of a bail bond, then the judge can accept a personal check. The check should be drawn from a commercial bank that operates in Idaho. The court must confirm whether the bank drawing the check is licensed to operate in Idaho. The second condition one must meet to draw a personal check in the bail is to be a resident of Idaho state and has a community connection.

Ways to get out of jail in Idaho

People should post bail to get out of jail temporarily as they wait for their cases to be concluded. All people are assumed innocent till they are proven guilty. A bail offers people the freedom to move on with their everyday lives while waiting for the case to be concluded.


Here are some of the ways people can get out of jail through bond in Idaho:


Cash bond

Those who commit misdemeanor crimes can get their bail set at low amounts, such as $500. They can decide to pay the amount in cash and get out of jail. Family members or other close friends can also make the payments on their behalf. When they make the payments on their behalf, they avoid the fees charged by the bail bond companies. It is better to pay in cash and save money in the process for small bail amounts.

Surety bond

A bail bond company offers the surety bond. Search for bail bonds Boise, and you will find many companies that offer bail bonds. The state should license the companies to operate and offer bail bond services. The state has set the interest rate at 10%. Some people are charged with serious crimes and end up getting their bail bonds set at high amounts. They will have to look for the bail bond companies in such cases. A quick search of bail bonds in Boise will reveal several companies from were to compare their terms and decide on the best. A person who gets bail set at $100,000 can find it hard to raise the money to pay for the bonds at once. They can turn to the bail bond company to pay the money. They must pay 10% of the $100,000 and get out of jail. It is a reasonable amount because it will be about $10,000. The bail bond company will get interest and pay the rest held by the court until the case is heard and finalized.

Property bond

Some bail bonds are set at high amounts, and those accused would like to get out of jail. They can turn to the court and ask for a property bond. In the case of property bond in Idaho, a defendant or the relatives can put up a home, car, or a piece of property to stand as a surety for the person to get released from jail. A promissory note is generated and given to the court officials for them to release the person from court. The property should have sufficient equity that can be used to cover the court fees and the bail. Attorney costs are also considered when deciding the property bond terms.

Own Recognizance

You may get lucky to be released out of jail without incurring the cost of bail bonds. The judge has the discretion to release the defendant under the state laws in Idaho for misdemeanors and some less serious felonies. The court will have to follow a list of guidelines before deciding on the release terms. They will have to check out the criminal records, condition to the community, GPS monitoring, and impose other minor restrictions.

Process of getting bail

There are several ways people can get bail in Idaho. The first method is where people will have to pay in cash. It is applicable in small cases. The state law allows anybody above 18 years to post bail for another person. The bail will be returned if the defendant shows up for all hearings. An offender must be fingerprinted and processed in jail before they can access bail. In cases where the offender does not have enough cash, they can search for bail bonds Idaho and find a bail bonds company that can pay the bail. The companies act as insurance where offenders will have to post an interest of 10%, and the company will pay the bond in full. It is the easiest way to get released from jail in case the bail is set too high.

What happens if a person skips court sessions?

The bail bonds Idaho work as surety for defendants to appear in court. If the offender chooses to appear in court, the state law allows up to 180 days to appear in court and explain why they did not appear in court for the case processing. If the person will still not appear in court for an explanation and the period of 180 days elapses, the court will set aside the bond forfeiture. In most cases, the bail bonds company will not wait more than 180 days to lose their money. They can resort to measures such as hiring bounty hunters who will hunt and bring the offenders who forfeited their bail bonds to court. If a bounty hunter succeeds in getting the offenders, they will present them to court, and the court will withdraw the bond and hold them in jail till the case is concluded.