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What is a Bail Bond?

In some arrests, you may be released without needing bail. But if a bail his set at a bail arraignment, you must pay the amount of the bond.

The bond is the assurance that you will appear at the subsequent hearings of the case. If you can’t afford the amount set for the bail, you can hire the services of a bond agent, or bail bondsman – like Guardian Bail Bonds.

A bond agent will submit the bail amount on your behalf. In return, the bondsman will charge you 10% to 20% of the amount of the bail.

The bondsman will serve as the surety so that if you fail to appear in court, the bondsman will be responsible. A friend or family member may also serve as the surety.

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About Guardian Bail Bonds

Locally Owned and Operated in Boise with over 22 years of experience

Guardian Bail Bonds is a Bail Bonds Service based in Boise, Idaho, servicing the state of Idaho. With 22 years of Bonds experience, you know that your bail will be handled professionally and promptly.

Our experience, professionalism, and reputation with the legal community is part of why we are the most knowledgeable and trustworthy bail bond company in Idaho. We are proud of the long-standing relationships we have built with attorneys, other bail agencies, and the many outstanding members of the judicial and law enforcement communities.

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